Copperazzi Look

I love wearing the Marc Jacobs See-quins eyeshadows so I just had to create a look with them! This look is featuring Copperazi, a gorgeous copper. I paired Copperazzi with the Blood Sugar palette, which is a palette I’ve had in my collection for a while now. Blood Sugar is a beautiful warm toned palette. The eyeshadows are creamy and pigmented!



Jefree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette


Marc Jacobs Copperazzi See-Quins Glam Glitter Eyeshadow


Tongue Pop – With a large fluffy brush, I swirled this colour all over the eyelid, mostly concentrating the colour in the crease. This colour is going to compliment the overall warmth of the look.

Cherry Soda – Using a very light hand, I blended this eyeshadow into the crease to give more of a pop of colour to Tongue Pop. I kept this colour low and in the centre of the crease.

Marc Jacobs Copperazzi – This is the star of the show! Copperazzi was packed on to the eyelid with my finger until I was happy with the pigmentation!

Fresh Meat – I love this colour, it’s just the most beautiful red! Using a pencil brush, I packed this on to the outer half of the lid. This eyeshadow was blended on to the lower lash line, as well.

Intravenous – To add more dimension to my look, I added this dark brown to the outer corner of the eye. I applied Fresh Meat on a fluffy brush to blend out Intravenous.

Glucose – With a flat synthetic brush, I applied this matte white to the brow bone and blended downward.

Kiss Lashes #11 – These eyelashes are really beautiful and easy to apply! Just to add some fun to the look, I applied #11 lashes to my top lash line.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment!




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