Favourite Glitter Products

Who doesn’t love a good glitter? I can’t get enough! Glitter is magic. It inspires me and it reminds me to keep dreaming! Silly how a small product like that can ignite so much. I want to share my personal favourite glitters that I always go back to. These are my tried and true that help me be creative! I included glitters that come in different formulations so there is a glitter for everyone because honestly, glitter is beautiful and life is too short not to wear it…


The words above say it all. This formula is a pressed eyeshadow that contains glitter in it. It is very user-friendly with minimal mess. Some of these contain more glitter and minimal eyeshadow and others are more eyeshadow and minimal glitter.


Urban Decay Solstice Moondust Eyeshadow $26

Solstice is a beautiful eyeshadow that contains very fine and reflective glitter. This to me is duo chrome because you see hints of blue, red, brown and green depending on what you pair it with. It can be worn on its own or on top of a cream base or on top of other eyeshadows. Whatever you do with it, it will be gorgeous. It’s the type of eyeshadow that really transforms the eyes!


Colourpop Frog Super Shock Eyeshadow $5

Frog is unique! This creamy eyeshadow has a soft champagne base and is packed with multi coloured micro glitter. When the sun hits it, it is really something special. To me it gives the eyes a very high fashion wet and glittery look. My eyeshadow is pretty beat up because I use this constantly. Frog will transform the eyes but my favourite way to wear this is on the bare lid! The fact that this is so inexpensive but so special is mind blowing to me!


Hourglass Smoke Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow $38

I can go on and on about these eyeshadows from Hourglass forever, I just love them so much! Smoke is a cool toned taupe/gold that is perfect for someone who is very neutral but still wants to be glam. The application is so quick and effortless, I like to use the fingers to apply this. Smoke can be worn during the day and amped up into a smokey eye for the night.


Hourglass Aura Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow $38

Aura has a special place in my heart. It is a feminine baby pink that is paired with micro silver glitter. To me the pink and the glitter really complement one another and reflect beautifully in the light. This colour is great for people who want colour but are uneasy with anything that might be bright. I love the way Aura looks on brown eyes! Definitely my favourite shade from the Scattered Light range!



This formulation contains a liquid eyeshadow that is jam packed with glitter. Or in other cases it can be double ended with a cream eyeshadow in one portion and the glitter in another. I like this idea because the cream eyeshadow acts as a glue for the glitter and once it is dry, the glitter is staying put all day!


Stila Rose Gold Retro Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow $31

All of the Stila Glitter & Glow eyeshadows are gorgeous but Rose Gold Retro is my favourite. It is a warm Rose Gold that will compliment all eye colours. These are very pigmented and a little goes a long way but once it sets, it does not move. These are great for people who are unsure of how to work with glitter because the work is done for you!


Touch In Sol #1 Margaret Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Eyeshadow $28

I feel like these eyeshadows need to be talked about more! These are double ended that contain a cream eyeshadow on one end and a flakey glitter on the other end. A little goes a long way and it helps to use the fingers to blend the product. They last all day and reflect beautifully! Margaret is a very warm toned champagne that is really universal on all eyes!


Touch In Sol #3 Talia Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Eyeshadow $28

Talia is a gorgeous pearly silver that is perfect for cool toned looks or smokey eyes. The glitter in this one is so pretty and it gives a lot of light and brightness to the eyes! Popping this in the tear duct is beautiful!



Ahh pigments, the underdogs of eye makeup! Pigments are so beautiful and effortless. The more luxurious counterpart of eyeshadows. Pigments are usually very finely milled and they contain micro glitters that make the most beautiful potion! I am such a big fan of pigments because I think there is a lot more creative expression attached to them.


Illamasqua Static Pure Pigment $31 

Static is a white with a strong purple/violet duo chrome. The glitter is very fine and it can be used on the eyes, face or body. This pigment will transform any dull look. If you haven’t tried Illamasqua pigments, you are missing out. Static does require a cream or glitter adhesive. Heads up, be careful when opening Illamasqua pigments!


Illamasqua Ore Pure Pigment $31

Ore is a very glamorous bronze pigment! It contains fine gold glitter and it makes the eyes sparkle. I love creating smokey eyes with this pigment and I find myself reaching for it when I am more tan.


Illamasqua Berber Pure Pigment $31

By far my favourite Illamasqua pigment! Berber is a very unique bright red pigment with lots of gold glitter. I really love experimenting with Berber, I just think it is one of a kind!


Makeup Geek Satellite Sparkler $10

How do I even begin to describe Satellite? It is filled with brown, gold and purple flecks of glitter. I can’t even think of anything remotely similar to this glitter. It is absolutely dreamy! The only downside is that it is a messy glitter but hey, I think it’s worth it!



This is your typical loose glitter that gets everywhere and stays in your house for years. It can be chunky or micro. And yes, a glue is required!


Lit Cosmetics Champagne Wishes Glitter $16

Champagne Wishes contains champagne, purple, green and gold coloured glitter. It is very hard to describe and it’s just something to see in person. It photographs really beautifully and I think it is very unique!


Lit Cosmetics Goober Grape Glitter $16

Goober Grape is what purple dreams are made of! It is a very reflective and magical glitter that contains a lot of periwinkle! If you want a glitter to take you out of a creative rut, Goober Grape is for you.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment!



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