Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette


Usually I don’t follow the hype surrounding a lot of makeup launches/products but this palette is a different story. I was so excited for the Norvina palette to come out because it looks pretty magical to me! I really love colour and purple is the theme here so this was screaming at me. Violently. Frankly, I was really happy to see a palette that was not warm toned. I love cranberry, burnt orange and reds as much as the next person but there are about 5 million warm toned palettes in the beauty market. Taking photos of this palette was a struggle, I feel that to truly appreciate it, one must see it in person!

This palette has 10.36g of product and retails for $55 (CAN). The Norvina palette and all Anastasia Beverley Hills products are cruelty free!

The Norvina palette contains 14 eyeshadows. Dreamer, Summer, Rose Gold have a metallic finish. Base, Soul, Incense, Love, Volatile and Eccentric have a matte finish. Wild Child, Celestial and Dazzling have a duo chrome finish. For more information on this palette and the eyeshadows, please go to Sephora


Ugh. She is a sight for sore eyes!


(L to R) Dreamer, Summer, Wild Child and Rose Gold.

Dreamer is so pretty. I think it is really unique even though in the swatch it just looks like a regular highlighting shade but I don’t know…There is something special about it. Summer is pretty but it’s a colour I have seen before. Wild Child is always catching my eye, I am really drawn to this colour. Recently, I’ve noticed how much pink and rose gold I have in my closet so maybe that has something to do with it. Rose Gold is the perfect Rose Gold because the rose is actually visible. I find a lot of eyeshadows that claim to be a Rose Gold have way more gold visible, which really irritates me.


(L to R) Celestial, Dazzling and Drama.

Celestial is so magical to me, I wish my skin was this colour to be honest with you. Dazzling is so gorgeous, a smokey eye with this eyeshadow would be so glamorous! Drama, for whatever reason feels a little bit more grittier then the other shades but it is a pleasant texture, it’s just not as smooth as the rest.


(L to R) Base, Soul, Incense and Love.

Base is your standard creamy base eyeshadow. The name describes it well. Soul is so special, this eyeshadow is unique and I do not have anything like this in my collection! Incense is your camel soft brown, I feel like a lot of people will love and use this shade. Love – I love Love! It’s a baby pink that packs a punch. I think matte pinks are really hard to produce and come by.


(L to R) Volatile, Eccentric and Passion.

Volatile is a beautiful cool toned colour. To me it is a lot more cool toned in real life then it is in the photo above. I will say that this colour is not as pigmented as the rest of the mattes but it’s nothing that can’t be worked with. Eccentric is a mustard/rust shade that is nice for the crease. Passion is so gorgeous! This colour has a lot of depth and is the most pigmented out of the mattes. It screams Autumn to me!

Overall, I am happy with this palette! The quality and pigmentation of the eyeshadows is beautiful. As everyone knows, the Anastasia Beverley Hills eyeshadow formulation is on the dry side. I find them to be creamy too! Some eyeshadows do have a small amount fallout but I am not really concerned with that, I do not believe it compromises the pigmentation and quality of the eyeshadows. I know many people were concerned that Norvina would be like Subculture. They are similar but the formulations feel different. I have Subculture and I love that palette. It all boils down to personal preference!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment!



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