Colourpop I Think I Love You Look


I Think I Love You! What a sweet name for a palette! One of the most underrated but also, my personal favourite palettes. There are just so many things I love about this beauty… Most importantly, the eyeshadows! The colour selection is brilliant. You get 4 mattes – a black, bone, cool soft brown and a rich warm chocolate brown. The rest of the eyeshadows are a rich array of metallic colours. Which goes to show that you can create a basic every day eye or a really gorgeous, night out on the town too! Also, this palette is on the smaller size which is perfect for travel because you don’t have to worry about it getting ruined.


This palette retails for $16 (USD) and it contains 0.85g of product. I Think I Love You palette is vegan and cruelty free. All of Colourpop products are cruelty free!




Bel Air – With a large fluffy brush, I blended this colour in the crease and inner and outer portions of the eye. Bel Air really works as a buffer eyeshadow to make the look cohesive.

Screw It – Using my index finger, I just popped this on the lid, mainly focusing it in the centre of the eye, where I want the colour to be most saturated. I think applying metallic eyeshadows with a finger is really easy and beneficial because it picks up the finish much better then a brush would.

Let’s Do It – With a pencil brush, I packed this colour on top of Bel Air in the inner and outer portions of the eye. Focusing on the pigmentation first, before blending out any edges. Because this is a “halo eye”, I don’t want it to look perfect. Especially because I’m using this black, I want it to be a little more “lived in” and fun!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Silver Metallic Luster Liner – This was applied to the lower lash line for a fun, bold detail. It is a silver so it creates a contrast against the warm colour on the lid (Screw It).

Let’s Do It – To give the eye more depth, I grabbed my pencil brush and packed Let’s Do It on the lower lash line.

Bel Air – Going back to this shade on a fluffy brush, I blended out the crease once more and used it on the lower lash line to blend out any edges from Let’s Do It.

Screw It – I felt like the look wasn’t smouldering enough, so I went in with Screw It, on a clean fluffy brush and lightly blended this into the tear duct and brow bone.

My Treat – Just to add more light, I blended My Treat on the brow bone and tear duct.

Ardell Lashes Short and Medium Individuals – Using my hands and a pair of tweezers I added some lashes to the eye for a fluttery look! I started with a couple of short sized lashes in the inner portion of the eye and a couple of medium sized lashes in the outer portion of the eye.

Nude By Nature Allure Defining Mascara – I applied a light coat to both my top and bottom lashes.

For more information on Colourpop and their products, check out their website Colourpop.

Other Brands mentioned in this post:

Ardell Lashes – Ardell

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Sephora or Anastasia Beverly Hills

Nude By Nature – Nude By Nature

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