Welcome to my blog! My name is Alisa and I currently reside in Canada. 31 years young and have been in the beauty industry for about 10 years. My passion for art and beauty started when I was just a toddler. When I was a little girl you could find me either drawing or snooping through my mom’s makeup. Like many little girls, I really loved watching my mom apply her makeup and see her transform into what I thought was a supermodel. By the way, I still love watching women and men apply makeup!

When I was in high school, I was a mega art nerd. Drawing, painting and just good old doodling, made my heart soar! It allowed me to express myself and it became a real place of love and comfort. Fast forward to my early 20’s, a time of a surreal sense of feeling lost. I was an incredibly unhappy person and my unhappiness pushed me to take a leap and make the decision of dropping out of college. It was a blessing in disguise because I became a working makeup artist. I got to meet so many wonderful humans and work on so many beautiful faces – mainly brides. Freelance gave me experience and happiness.

Then, something amazing happened! I got a job at MAC Cosmetics. Working for a company like MAC was a dream come true. My 16-year-old self (who made constant trips to the stores), was beyond excited! That experience was rewarding beyond measure! I learned so much about myself and what kind of artist I wanted to be. I developed and strengthened my artistry and skills. I got to meet so many talented makeup artists that inspired me with their talent and view of what makeup is. I learned lots about business and numbers, but if I’m being frank, I was and still am all about the artistry and making people feel their best! The best part of makeup is using it as a tool to transform people and give them confidence or a source of empowerment that was sometimes hidden. If you are a makeup artist as well, you know the amazing feeling of a client looking at themselves in awe after their makeup is done. That feeling is pure gold! I love beauty so much – it has the ability to highlight positivity and help people see their own unique and individual beauty.

Currently, I am pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone and this blog is just that. I hope to explore and see the world, my heart is filled with an insane amount of wanderlust. I want to meet wonderful inspiring people and connect on a soul level. Lastly, I want to learn and always continue to fill my head with knowledge. Life is a rollercoaster and I do not have any answers for anything but that’s okay and it’s important to come to terms with that. My wish and hope is that whoever stops to look at my blog, feels like they can escape and feel inspired and beautiful!

Hope to see you soon,


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